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Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints

We are committed to putting the needs of our learners first. We constantly seek ways to improve our services to you, placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

It is only by listening to your views that we can find out how well, or not, we are actually doing. For that very reason we have set up a Compliments, Suggestions, and Complaints reporting system.

Compliment – an expression of praise or approval.

It’s always good to get positive feedback when we do well. We can learn from what we are doing right, and build on it for the future. We would also like to know if you have received an exceptionally good service from a member of staff so that we can ensure they are properly thanked.

Suggestion – an idea or proposal put forward for consideration.

Perhaps you have an idea for improving what the service does. We want to hear your ideas, and we will look into any suggestions you make and see how they might work.

Complaint – an expression of dissatisfaction.

We know that things can sometimes go wrong. It will help us to improve our services if you let us know what went wrong.

We value your opinions and would like to receive your views.

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