Information, advice or guidance

Here at On Course South West you can be sure of high quality and impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG). Perhaps you are seeking help with job training; keen to make a new start but not sure how; get back into work, or simply want to update old skills or gain new ones.

Together, our team promises to provide:

  • Information that is helpful, fair, relevant and supports your learning
  • Advice to help you choose your next course
  • Guidance to signpost you to further relevant learning to meet your requirements.

Impartial information, advice and guidance can make all the difference to progressing successfully. You can book a private and confidential 1:1 appointment at which you can discuss anything related to your professional development, training, or choosing the right courses near me. An appointment will give you ‘time out’ to explore your options, look at yourself objectively and think about the implications of any decisions you are contemplating.

Book your appointment with our professional, friendly and experienced staff by calling 01752 660713 or email

We are an organisation who can help you personalise your learning journey.

I managed to pass my GCSE, probably one of the oldest learners at age 64. Now I’m looking to get back into learning and hopefully take an A level in maths.”


Studying English Functional Skills, I now have an improved confidence and I can walk around with my head held high.


Helped me find the real me. I now have the confidence and the qualification to find myself a job. Thank you to my tutors who believed in me and pushed me to my limits it sure has paid off.


I have now passed both my functional skills courses and am currently studying for GCSE’s. I must admit it’s much better and I am way more confident.”


Everybody’s really welcoming, and nobody judges you, and you can be who you want to be. It’s just a great way to get going.


Just started the Introduction to Counselling Course & it is excellent!


Really enjoyed the Introduction to Training course. The trainer’s style was creative and engaging. Would recommend to anyone.


I recently attended two of the free workshops and I was amazed how much I learnt, the tutors were very passionate about the craft they were teaching and the fact we all got to bring items home that we made was so wonderful. I would recommend to anybody.


I’ve just received my results and have passed both my GCSE English & Maths. I left school in 1988. Getting the chance to redo them was a great opportunity for me. Such a good feeling to have passed, onwards and upwards for me.