5 Reasons to Learn

5 Reasons to Learn

We meet people everyday who decide to learn new skills for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they need new skills for their job or sometimes they just want to learn a new craft. Whatever reason you may have, when you learn a new skill, it has benefits that go way beyond what you might expect. So we thought we would share our list of the top 5 benefits of learning.

1. Your learning speed increases
When you continually keep learning things you stimulate neurones in the brain which actually leads to being able to learn things faster over time.

2. Learning can help fight boredom and depression
Learning new skills is always useful, but research from the NHS shows it can also help improve our mental well being!

3. You could earn more money
You could potentially earn more money in your work life from learning a new and appropriate skill or by developing one that links to the work you do.

4. Learning helps people make new friends
Lifelong learning can help adults to meet new people who have shared interests, by forging friendships and relationships, and enjoying an active social life.

5. You might even live longer!
That’s right, The Harvard Business Review has conducted research that shows a link between how life long learning can lead to a longer life. So what are you waiting for? Learn something new today.

Being on this course has helped me to develop a friend network of likeminded people. I’ve learned lots about child development and its nice to know that my values are shared by everybody.


The course is very lovely, I’m now enjoying more learning to work with children. I’ve learned that we can make a difference.


The course made me have more confidence, I know more about working with children. It’s good to know that what you learn is more in detail.


Everybody’s really welcoming, and nobody judges you, and you can be who you want to be. It’s just a great way to get going.


Helped me find the real me. I now have the confidence and the qualification to find myself a job. Thank you to my tutors who believed in me and pushed me to my limits it sure has paid off.


Just started the Introduction to Counselling Course & it is excellent!


Learned a lot the time passed so quickly because I was enjoying it so much it’s a shame we could not have more lessons with Mike I am sure It would be well worth it let me know what you think thanks for six hours of fun and knowledge.


Really enjoyed the Introduction to Training course. The trainer’s style was creative and engaging. Would recommend to anyone.


Fantastic start to a new course 3D printing.


Amazing place to learn very friendly and relaxed.


I recently attended two of the free workshops and I was amazed how much I learnt, the tutors were very passionate about the craft they were teaching and the fact we all got to bring items home that we made was so wonderful. I would recommend to anybody.


I have undertaken several courses with on course south west and have found them to be professional and friendly as well as superb value for money. The tutors really care about the learners and the admin staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to expand their horizons.


Very supportive tutor for drawing and painting class.


The wreath making was fantastic x


I’ve just received my results and have passed both my GCSE English & Maths. I left school in 1988. Getting the chance to redo them was a great opportunity for me. Such a good feeling to have passed, onwards and upwards for me.