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We continue to gather feedback from our learners. We are grateful for your comments.
Not only does it assist in the planning of our programme but it also helps us to improve the quality of what we deliver.

Your brochure should say what computer programmes/packages are being used for such courses. Every single course we advertise has its own course information sheet. Each one contains particular details relevant to that programme. These are included in your enrolment pack sent either electronically, or by post, upon initial enquiry, allowing you to make a decision as to whether the course content meets your requirements. For those IT courses we publicise, information around operating programmes and software e.g. “you will be working on computers using Windows 7 and Office 2010” can be found here. Our website also carries all our course information details.
We had a change of tutor half-way through the course. This interrupted the atmosphere. Sometimes tutors unexpectedly fall ill, and on a few occasions this may result in periods of long term sickness. This may mean that they are unable to return to class before the scheduled end date. Every effort is made to find a replacement tutor to enable your learning to continue.
All communication channels were used to let me know my upcoming session had been cancelled i.e. landline, voicemail, text, email. I was really impressed with all the time and effort spent trying to make contact with me.

We welcome and value your comments; we have passed them on to the Customer Service Team. We are committed to putting the needs of our learners first. It is only by listening to your views that we can find out how well, or not, we are actually doing.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control, or third parties, result in a late cancellation. If you can ensure that we have your mobile phone number then we have a higher chance of being able to contact you.

Can I have a certificate of attendance These are always available upon request for non-qualification courses. However, to keep costs down, they are not issued as a matter of routine.
There are too many forms to complete for a student of a higher age. The forms that you’re asked to complete are vital to the funding of the course. The majority of our courses are subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency and they require us to collect certain information from you to enable us to claim the funding.
I found the location where my course was going to be held hard to find.

Every enrolment pack should contain a map with clear instructions, and a full address. If in any doubt, you can call our Customer Service team who are always willing to pass on directions.

Our website also carries all our venue information with a link to Google Maps.

We are constantly trying to source suitable venues.


2018 -19 Course Guide

We are pleased to announce our New 2018-19 Course Guide is now ready!

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On Course has a team of Learning Advisers whose role is to help you identify goals and make informed decisions about the next steps for your learning. Learning Advisers are available by phone, email and in person.

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